Dear prabhus,
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Last month I said that London Soho st. temple was close behind Sankirtan Dham in Italy but that they had a ways to go. “Famous last words”. They took this challenge very seriously and under the new leadership of Bhakta Matteo (Italian) they almost doubled Sankirtan Dham. The other good news is that New Jagannath Puri Zurich, Switzerland, once home to a number of world champions, is on the rise again!!!

Another temple that did very well was Budapest, Hungary. The most amazing book distribution of all that’s going on every month is in the Ukraine yatra despite war conditions that most of us can’t even imagine. We should all offer our heartfelt obeisances to them and pray that we can be so determined when faced with such obstacles. Every country has its particular difficulties but all the devotees who are distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books are glorious. Let’s always remember the 7 purposes of ISKCON especially the 7th.

With a view towards achieving the aforementioned purposes, to publish and distribute periodicals, magazines, books and other writings.” Everything in this movement is based on book distribution.

Let’s remember that this years Bhadra purnima campaign started on Rama Navami and we can all endeavor to participate in the glorious distribution of sets of Srimad Bhagavatams.

I would like to refer to Srila Prabhupada’s words first in the Caitanya Caritamrta then Srimad Bhagavatam.

C.C. Adi lila Chap.17 purport verse 78: “The members of International Society for Krsna Consciousness cannot even call themselves brahma-bandhus. Therefore, our only means for satisfying Krsna is to pursue the injunctions of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, who says:

yāre dekha, tāre kaha ‘kṛṣṇa’-upadeśa
āmāra ājñāya guru hañā tāra’ ei deśa

“Whomever you meet, instruct him on the teachings of Krsna. In this way, on My order, become a spiritual master and deliver the people of this country.”

C.C. Madhya 7. 128: "Simply trying to follow the orders of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, we speak to the people of the world about Bhagavad gita as it is. This will make us qualified to satisfy the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna.”

So, this is such a clear instruction and can be realized best by distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books.

Then this is from a purport in the Srimad Bhagavatam 4th canto Chapter 7 verse 44.

“The way to get out of illusory maya is to engage in the topics of Krsna. Lord Caitanya advocated a process whereby everyone may remain in his present position without change but simply hear from the proper authoritative sources about Krsna. Lord Caitanya advised everyone to spread the word of Krsna. He advised, “All of you become spiritual masters. Your duty is simply to talk to whomever you meet of Krsna or of the instructions given by Krsna. “The International Society for Krsna Consciousness is operating for this purpose. We do not ask anyone to first change his position and then come to us. Instead, we invite everyone to come with us and simply chant

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

because we know that if one simply chants and hears the topics of Krsna, one’s life will change; he will see a new light, and his life will be successful.”

I hope everyone had the opportunity to hear the last SK meeting online with SB Kesava Maharaja because this purport by Srila Prabhupada very much sustains the points, he made about how all devotees from their houses should distribute books and spread the words of Krsna and make their lives truly successfull.

For our next Sankirtan meeting online we have the great fortune to have with us H.H. Prahladananda Maharaja who has been distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books for over 50 years.

That will be Monday evening 19:00 CET 18:00 UK time on June 3rd.

Your servant,

Trai Das

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A few months ago Kama Gayatri Devi Dasi started making short videos on TikTok documenting life at the Goloka Ecofarm Temple near Savona. In the videos she shows the life of our 18, for the moment, cows and also explains some of our basic principles of philosophy. All this is seen by tens of thousands of people, some of whom, out of curiosity, ask for information about philosophy. Some of them therefore started asking for books and so we sent them directly to their home!
Some people even came to visit us at the Temple thanks to having seen and appreciated these videos.
So even if she doesn't have the opportunity to go out on the streets regularly, she uses this social media in the service of Sankirtan!
Hare Krishna!
Simhesvara Gauranga das

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